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Justin Bieber - Yummy

Justin Bieber - Yummy

Justin Bieber - Yummy

Justin Bieber is starting off the year by treating his fans to a delicious surprise.

As fans are well aware, the 25-year-old dropped his first solo single in nearly four years, "Yummy," on Friday, Jan 3. Without missing a beat, the pop superstar took to Instagram this morning to count down the hours and minutes until the premiere of the music video for "Yummy."

And could fans expect anything less from the song full of suggestive innuendos?

While the song leaves little to the imagination, Bieber decided to be a little more playful and a lot less explicit for the music video. The video starts with the singer walking into a restaurant wearing a pink hoodie and matching pink hair—Bieber then sits down at the dinner table, surrounded by the rich and famous (and one of his cats), and starts, "Yeah, you got that yummy-yum. That yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy."

Throughout the whole music video, Bieber is served everything from Cheetos, lobster, Jell-O molds, fruits, french fries and other foods. As the video goes on, Bieber gets up from the table, takes off his pink hoodie and begins to dance along with the rest of the people in the restaurant—which quickly turned into a club scene. (Eonline)

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