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Kendall Jenner in Allure Magazine

Kendall Jenner has risen into supermodel royalty in the past year or so, modeling for Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain, and doubling up on her Chanel and Givenchy appearances. Just recently, she landed a mega deal with Estée Lauder as well. But as much as she does things on her own, she’s still had to live in the shadow of the Kardashian clan.

In her story for the March 2015 issue of ALLURE, she talks about what it’s felt like to grow up on camera and why she feels the need to step out on her own and not have to rely on her family’s name for success. She says she feels more comfortable talking to a camera as opposed to people face to face, but she’s learning little by little, thanks to the confidence she’s getting as her career continues to skyrocket.

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