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iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason Aldean

iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason AldeaniHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason AldeaniHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason Aldean
iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason Aldean

Last night, country fans came out in full force to the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, Calif., for the iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Jason Aldean, celebrating his new album, Rearview Town. During the live event that included a Q&A session hosted by iHeartMedia’s nationally syndicated personality Bobby Bones, Aldean performed a selection of songs from the new album including “Rearview Town” and “You Make It Easy,” as well previous hits such as “My Kinda Party” and “Dirt Road Anthem.”


Aldean spoke about his upcoming tour kicking off in May, featuring guest artists such as Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs. Alaina opened for Aldean on the “My Kinda Tour” after her appearance on American Idol, and he’s excited to have her on the road with them again. Combs has also previously done shows with Aldean, and he noted he was impressed by his performances. Hootie and the Blowfish will also be joining Aldean for the Atlanta tour date.
“Rearview Town,” the title track of the record, is the song that Aldean goes back to listen to repeatedly, more than any other song on the album. Aldean noted, “People listen to that song and no matter what they may be going through or have been through, I think there is a way to relate to that song. From the day I first heard it, it’s been one of my favorites from this record… It’s sort of country and sort of rock ‘n’ roll which is cool.”
Aldean spoke about his collaboration with Miranda Lambert on the song “Drowns The Whiskey.” They have been friends for a long time after hitting the country scene together over 10 years ago. They toured together in the early days and became friends. He had initially presented her with a different song for Rearview Town before they settled on this new hit. He thinks it is a “highlight of the new record.”
Aldean noted that putting 15 songs on a record, like Rearview Town, has become the standard for them. “My theory on that is the fans wait a year and a half or longer for an album to come out, so when it comes out I feel like you should give them their money’s worth, and it should be worth the wait.”
While discussing the Academy of Country Music Awards, Aldean noted that “it has been a good couple of years” for them, winning “Entertainer of the Year” for the last two years in a row. That was a goal that he had set for himself many years ago, and while winning it once was amazing, receiving the honor for a second time was crazy. They’re excited to go back again this year and see what happens.
When Aldean was called an “old pro” by host Bobby Bones regarding making albums, he said “I hope we’re getting better! It’s fun. The more albums you make, the more comfortable and confident you get in the decisions that you’re making. I feel like I know what my fans want to hear so it makes it easy!”

Set list:

“A Little More Summertime”
“Rearview Town”
“Any Ol’ Barstool”
“Drowns The Whiskey”
“You Make It Easy”
“Tattoos on This Town”
“Take a Little Ride”
“Fly Over States”
“Burnin’ It Down”
“Lights Come On”
“Dirt Road Anthem”
“My Kinda Party”
“She’s Country”

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