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Six Attacks Leave at Least 120 Dead in France, Hostage Situation Over

Six terrorist attacks across Paris, France have left at least 120 dead, in addition to five of the attackers, per Paris Public Prosecutor Francois Molins who said accomplices may still be at large. Paris police prefect Michael Cadot says all of the attackers are believed to be dead. According to the AP a French police officer confirmed there were two suicide attacks and one bombing near the Stade de France soccer stadium. Vox quotes a France 24 broadcast as confirming three separate shootings in Paris’ 10th and 11th arrondissements. One of the shootings, at the Bataclan theater, resulted in at least 100 people killed during a concert, which later turned into a hostage situation.

The Bataclan theater in the 10th arrondissement was hosting a concert for American band Eagles of Death Metal when the attack and subsequent hostage situation occurred. One of the concert-goers included French radio reporter Julien Pearce who told CNN after he managed to escape that two men dressed in black started shooting at the crowd with what he thought were AK-47s. He said the men shot people execution style "one by one." The prefect said the gunmen shot at cafes outside of the Bataclan before heading inside. Another concert-goer, Marc Coupris, 57, who was one of the hostages freed after the police raid where four attackers died, three of whom committed suicide by detonating explosive vests, described the scene at the Bataclan as "carnage" to The Guardian. A shaking Coupris said he saw at least two gunmen who started shooting from the balcony.

“Everyone scrabbled to the ground,” Coupris said. “I was on the ground with a man on top of me and another one beside me up against a wall. We just stayed still like that. At first we kept quiet. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, it seemed like an eternity. I saw my final hour unfurl before me, I thought this was the end. I thought I’m finished, I’m finished. I was terrified.”
At about 9:17 p.m. during a France v Germany match at the Stade de France stadium, two separate explosions were heard with an AP reporter in attendance citing them as "loud enough to penetrate the sounds of cheering fans." The explosion was later revealed to be a suicide attack near the stadium as BR24 said the terrorists hadn't been able to get into the stadium. According to the prefect, a "set" of attackers were at the stadium while a second group attacked in other parts of the city. France's president, Francois Hollande, was inside the stadium and quickly evacuated.

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