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New Survivor Cagayan crowned

New Jersey police officer Tony Vlachos was crowned Sole Survivor after a season of schemes, from lying about being a cop to manipulating fellow players to vote in his favor.

The runner-up, Yung "Woo" Hwang, chose Tony to go to the final two with him -- possibly costing himself the million-dollar prize.

It all began with a visit from family and two immunity challenges, the first of which Kass McQuillen won after an unbelievable comeback from behind. With her spot in the final three assured, she set her sights on ousting Spencer Bledsoe. She succeeded, but the victory was short-lived -- Woo won the second immunity challenge, and when faced with the choice between her and Tony, he opted to send her to the jury.

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"Survivor: Cagayan" crowns a winner
Woo and Tony then faced questioning from the sometimes hostile jury, many of whom called Tony out on his lies and shifting alliances.

In the end, they rewarded him for a game well played - the votes were eight for Tony, and just one for Woo.

Upon hearing the news, Vlachos ran into the audience and hugged his family.

To add insult to second-place injury, host Jeff Probst polled the jury during the episode's live special: If Woo had been against Kass and not Tony, would you have voted for him instead? A number of them raised their hands. Ouch.

This year's winner wasn't the only thing revealed Wednesday night. Probst also unveiled what the next season of "Survivor" will be -- we'll be watching another round of "Blood vs. Water," this time in San Juan del Sur.

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