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Fossils of giant 'Titanosaur' found in Argentina

Paleontologists in Argentina's Patagonia region have discovered fossilized remains of a so-called Titanosaur, which may have been the largest dinosaur ever to walk the earth.

Titanosaur was a long-necked, long-tailed sauropod (think Apatosaurus or Brachiosaurus) that walked on four legs and lived during the Cretaceous Period, approximately 95 million years ago.

Jose Luis Carballido, a paleontologist at the Egidio Feruglio Museum in Trelew, Argentina, said in a statement Friday that a Titanosaur weighed around 100 tons, or "the equivalent of more than 14 African elephants.

"This is a true paleontological treasure," Carbadillo's statement continued. "There are many remains and they were practically intact, something that does not frequently happen."

The Titanosaur bones are among 200 fossils at the site in Patagonia's Chubut province, approximately 800 miles south of Buenos Aires. The site was accidentally discovered in 2011 by a farm worker. Experts believe that the remains of seven dinosaurs and the broken teeth of carnivores are among those at the site.


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