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Oprah hangs out with new wig on O cover

Oprah’s letting her wild side out, Diana Ross style, on the cover of the upcoming September issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, which is dedicated to all things hair. Looking lovely in a cleavage-popping orange dress, Lady O was all smiles rocking her 3.5lb afro wig that she calls “Wild Thang!” Word is that she showed up on set with the luscious hair protected in bubble wrap in a pink carrying case. That wig is traveling in more style than most people!

Inside the magazine, Oprah did give us a look at her real, natural hair and made sure to note that true beauty comes from the heart, not what’s on your head.

“No wig, weave, perm, braids, twists, extensions, curling iron, straightening comb, or blow-dryer. Au naturel!”

“As much as I enjoyed hanging out with Wild Thang. I know for sure that your true crowning glory comes not from what’s on your head but from what’s in your heart.”


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