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Taylor Swift drops 1 mille in a week with new album

With Taylor Swift's Red poised to sell upward of a million copies in its first week, it's no surprise that her fans already love the tunes on her latest studio release. They've not only pledged their allegiance to the singer by feverishly snatching up the October 22 release with great enthusiasm, but they've also followed her as she travels the globe spreading the message of the album.

And, many of those fans have been with Swift as she makes stops around New York City, including a record release party, her performance on "Good Morning America" and various talk shows ranging from "The View" to the "Late Show with David Letterman." And everywhere Taylor has gone, her Swifties followed, sharing just how excited they are by the singer's latest crossover smash.

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"I have heard the new Red album and I thought it was absolutely amazing because every song is different," Jersey girl Jessica told MTV News after Swift performed in Times Square on Tuesday. "And it's perfect in its own way because you can always relate to them. My favorite song is 'All Too Well' because I went through something like that a few months ago, so I can relate to it a lot."

While Swift has always touched on pop sounds on her albums, this one marks the first time she has so unabashedly gone pop, even playing with the bleeping tones of EDM. That musical growth is exciting for her fans. Courtney shared, "I thought that Red was absolutely amazing. It was so versatile, there were so many good songs and it captures so many different emotions.

"My favorite song, without a doubt, on the album is '22,' " she added. "It's such an upbeat song, do-what-you-want-to-do-out-at-night-being-free song. And I think everyone needs to listen to it."

Harlem native Tedy noted, "[The album] captures so many different emotions from heartache to 'I'm never getting back with you, ever.' She just knows how to be in the moment 'cause it's real feelings."

While Swift has become the princess of heartbreak, Chelsea shared that Swift's ability to branch out and touch on the many sides of love shows her lyrical evolution. "I love Red because I thought it was a whole new sound, and it had more than just breakup songs," she shared. "It had breakup songs, having fun [songs], making up [songs] and I just thought it was really, really good."

Jazmine added, "Red was amazing. I thought it was interesting because it combined the new music and what we're used to. And it also had different themes of each song, like how you break you and get back together or [on] 'Begin Again,' like that was how you start a new beginning to a relationship. I thought it was really cool how she did that."


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