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Gabby Douglas becomes the new face of Cornflakes

Kelloggs snagged Olympic Gold medalists Gabby Douglas for a new endorsement deal early. She was presented with a special edition box of Kelloggs featuring herself holding the gold medal, just a day after winning the all-around individual gymnastics competition at the Olympics.

According to reports she will make a cool $1-3 million from her deal with Kelloggs, is expected to earn a low to mid seven figures in endorsements over the next year and could make over $90 million in endorsements over the next decade now that she is a World Champion.

Meanwhile, Dominique Dawes, the first African American Gold medalist in Gymnastics, weighed in on her new endorsement with caution saying:

Gabby is going to start quickly recognizing that she’s a business, she’s a brand, and she should be very selective in the people she surrounds herself with and the opportunities she decides to take.“

An analyst also shared his thoughts:

As a 16-year-old, she has really got kind of the sky is the limit. She brings so many intangibles that marketers look for. She’s young. She’s fresh. She’s a new face.

Her mom is doing the praise stomp that she doesn’t have to work those three jobs anymore. Sacrifice paid off.



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