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Artism: The Art of Autism

Artism: The Art of Autism
Shattering Myths about People Living on the Spectrum
Debbie Hosseini
Edited by Rosa C. Martinez, Ph.D.

List $34.95, 144 pages, 12 x 9 inches with 218 full-color illustrations
and 4 essays by experts in the field. ISBN 978-0-9831308-0-2
First Trademark Edition, 2011

For more information visit http://www.artismtoday.com

Author Debbie Hosseini introduces the new book Artism: The Art of Autism and conducts an art show and auction, showcasing the art of several local artists featured in the book. At once, inspiring and myth defying, the art spans a range of emotion and subject material and is accompanied by detailed quotes and commentary from each of the artists and their families.

Other local area artists whose work will be exhibited include: Trevor Aycox, Joel Anderson, Marcy Deutsch.

The Art of Autism is Art Exhibition is July 7 to July 28, 2011
Special Reception is July 7, 2011 6 to 9 PM.
Cocktail reception, art auction and presentations.

138 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212 228-2810

THE SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGITAL ART is the “heartchild” of John Ordover, son of the late lawyer Jerry Ordover, a leading figure in the Modern Art community. His father’s clients over the years included artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Nam Jun Paik and preeminent gallery owner Leo Castelli. Using digital display screens instead of traditional displays allows the gallery to rotate through multiple works by multiple artists in a single night. The gallery sells high-quality art prints of the works displayed. All gallery proceeds from sale of prints of the works will go to the Reach for the Stars Learning Center for Autistic Children.

Why is this important?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, over one in 110 babies are born with autism. Whether you believe that autism is a disease or are among those who are coming to the conclusion that autism is simply a variation of the way the human brain exists in nature, it really doesn’t matter. Because of its increasing frequency of occurrence, you are going to be affected. In fact, you already have been affected.

In the forefront of modern efforts to help people with autism, are those who encourage them to develop their strengths, and often times these are in the creative fields of art and science.

People with autism may see, feel, hear and think about the world differently. In many cases, their sensory perceptions are truly different. However, while people with autism may have difficulty speaking, relating and communicating with people, they may have profound insights and capabilities in other areas. In fact, some people with autism have shown high levels of human excellence and creative ability.

Many children, like scientist Temple Grandin, and the contributors of Artism, may have unique gifts, enabling them to contribute significantly to society, if only someone is there to help them, with access to the right combination of expertise, dedication and love.

About the Author

Debra Hosseini is a mom of three children. Her youngest child, Kevin, is featured in this book. After Kevin was diagnosed with autism at age four, Debra left her full-time career as a computer analyst to become a stay at home mom and has dedicated her time to creating a better world for children and individuals with disabilities. Debra was a founding board member with several organizations that serve individuals with autism and developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, California. She now writes and curates art exhibits for people with autism and developmental disabilities.

What People Are Saying

“Art gives us … a greater appreciation of what it is to be human.”

Stephen Shore, Art as Being for People on the Spectrum

“The fact many of these artists have not had formal training does not disqualify them from being ‘insiders;’ rather it makes their work all more spectacular.”

Darold Treffert, M.D., The Artist with Autism: a Very Special Person

“Debbie Hosseini brilliantly shows us that individuals living with autism are talented beyond belief. Each masterpiece contained in her book expresses the hearts and souls of some of the world’s most inspired artists. The pieces allow readers to experience the artists’ lives, and by doing so, Debbie reminds us of the constant need to advocate on behalf of the millions of individuals on the autism spectrum.”

Areva D. Martin, Esq. author Of The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up For Your Child With Autism

“The Art of Autism belongs on every coffee table. It is filled with the most spectacular artwork by amazingly gifted artists. The book illustrates some of the many gifts that individuals with autism spectrum bring to our lives. Creativity, imagination, sensitivity, love, and empathy are among the many emotions expressed through the creations of these remarkably talented individuals. From cover to cover, you will truly enjoy every page.”

Lynn Kern Koegel, Ph.D., author of Overcoming Autism
Direct Contact 1-800-457-8746


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