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Royal couple covers Vanity Fair Magazine

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge struck a pose for Vanity Fair's July issue, set to hit N.Y.C. and L.A. newsstands on June 2...and everywhere else on June 7.

The cover promises a portrait series by Mario Testino (who recently called Princess Diana his favorite subject) and deets on "Their U.S. road trip! Plus: Honeymooning, house-hunting, and who takes out the garbage?" Okay, we'll bite on the last one since we know Catherine does the grocery shopping. Girl better not be taking out the trash too, Wills.

And a tidbit from the press release, "Despite Will and Kate's new official titles -- dude duke and duchess, respectively -- Will made it clear at the wedding that he will continue to be addressed as Prince William, meaning Kate by default will be Princess Catherine." And forever Kate Middleton in our hearts.

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