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Russell Simmons and Bill Cosby still have beef old school style

Bill Cosby may be getting older, but he's still feisty as ever.

The comedian and rap mogul Russell Simmons have been in a celebrity feud since Cosby launched his "State of Emergency" campaign, which promoted socially conscious rap music without lyrics celebrating violence, sex or the degradation of women.

Russell felt Cosby was a little too judgmental of today's rap and hip-hop stars, but was willing to put the feud behind him at the Jackie Robinson Annual Awards Dinner on March 7.

Unfortunately for Russell, Cosby isn't letting go of that grudge!

When Russell approached Bill to apologize, the 73-year-old comedian responded with, "Get the [bleep] out my face!"

LOLz! Bill, you potty mouth!

Simmons wrote about the experience on his blog, saying:

"I wanted to find him to apologize, to tell him I was sorry about my statements and to tell him that I loved him."

Sounds like Bill did not want to hear it because Russell says that after he presented an award to Sean Combs, "walked by me and bumped me with his shoulder as I walked offstage."

Damn, Bill! Ha! Russell took it all in stride though, explaining:

"I love Bill. His next move was straight up old school pre b-boy hood shit. He walked by me and bumped me with his shoulder as I walked off stage after presenting my award to Sean, just like the cool ass character in “Let's Do It Again.” I then loved him even more."

Somehow we don't think he loves you back, but who knows!

What do U think of Bill Cosby's response to Russell Simmons apology?

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