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Homer Rolls with Cheech and Chong

Is the famous comedy act going up in smoke? In the March 13 episode of The Simpsons, the legendary stoner pair (full names Richard ''Cheech'' Marin and Tommy Chong) break up during a gig in Springfield, prompting both men to find new punchline pals. ''Homer partners with Cheech, but it's a lot less fun than he thinks,'' says series executive producer Al Jean. ''All Cheech wants to do is work, and Homer thought that all he would do is party all day.'' Meanwhile, Chong forms an act with Principal Skinner called... Teach and Chong. ''Their comedy is avant-garde,'' hints Jean, ''and awful.'' (The duo was name-checked in the Feb. 16 Modern Family ep featuring a drugged-up Gloria. Plus, Marin had a recurring gig on ABC's Shonda Rhimes drama Off the Map. And they're both in the new documentary Troubadours, about the famed L.A. venue.)


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