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Bronx teen Malik Jenkins killed over $600 coat

A Bronx trio has been indicted for murder in the death of a high school senior struck by two cars after the suspects tried to steal his $600 coat, the Daily News has learned.

Malik Jenkins, 18, was wearing his friend's Marmot Mammoth - known as the "Biggie" - when he broke free from four men who tried to rob him on Dec. 29.

Jenkins ran across the nearby Bruckner Blvd. and was struck by a Toyota and a BMW and killed. The Walton High School student's death was reclassified a homicide last month, and the three suspects were indicted for murder.

"It's horrible that any mother should have to go through what I'm going through for a piece of material," said the victim's mother, Tonya Martin-Jenkins, 51. "I hope [the suspects] get exactly what they deserve and justice prevails."

The victim's parents said Jenkins enjoyed writing poetry and wanted to study engineering in college. Police said April Brooks, 15, and her cousin, Jasmine Castrillo, 17, lured Jenkins and his friend to the Justice Sonia Sotomayor Houses. When Jenkins and his friend arrived at the Bronx complex, they were met by four men, including Joseph Belle, 20. They stole the friend's $150 True Religion jacket, but Jenkins ran off, police said.

Castrillo's lawyer, Javier Solano, said prosecutors will have "a tough time proving my client is involved with this." And Belle's mother, Sandra Hyson, 49, said she apologizes if her son had anything to do with Jenkins' death.

"I wish I could bring his life back," she said.


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