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50 cent donates money he received from Libyan performance

50 Cent appears to be so sorry for performing for Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy six years ago that he has donated to UNICEF to make up for it.

The rapper announced he would be making the donation after it was revealed he was one of a group of pop stars who performed for the Libyan leader's family in the past.

"In light of the ongoing events in Libya, 50 Cent will be making a donation to UNICEF, which is providing vital relief supplies to meet the needs of women and children at risk during this crisis," a spokesman for Curtis James Jackson III told E!

Though the 35-year-old rapper did not reveal how much he earned at the Venice film festival gig in 2005, Nelly Furtado tweeted last month that she was paid $1 million to play a 45 minute set for the Khadafy clan in 2007.

Furtado, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Usher have all issued statements saying they will donate money to charities in light of the Libyan leader's brutal response to his detractors.

Beyonce claimed she didn't know the Khadafy family was linked to a 2009 concert at which she performed and swiftly donated her earnings to Haiti relief, while Usher said he was "sincerely troubled to learn about the circumstances" of the same event.

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