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Harrison Ford Was Paid Over 50x More Than ‘Star Wars’ Co-Stars

Star Wars made a record $529 million at the box office. Harrison Ford made like, a pretty significant chunk of that, too, sources say. Apparently Disney shelled out somewhere from $10 to $20 million on ol' Ford, which was significantly more than anyone else made on the project. The Daily Mail issued a report saying that Ford earned a staggering $25 million to return to the “Star Wars” franchise, but insiders from Disney call the story false.

In spite of all the rumors, all the sources sources did confirm that the 73-year-old actor earned a substantially larger cut than his co-stars. According to Variety:

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher took home salaries in the low-seven-figure range, according to sources. Newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were paid in the low-six-figure range ($100k-$300k). Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, received offers of mid- to high-six figures.
And now, for the spoilers: Hamill and Fisher’s salaries are expected to grow in upcoming movies as their parts grow with each film. Ford was paid in the big figures because the film would be his last in the series, and a one-off. Although the younger talent's deals might seem criminally low in comparison, it's apparently standard in the industry, and ensures that they will have bigger checks on later films. For the first “Fifty Shades of Grey,” stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan received offers in the six-figure range and have since renegotiated multimillion-dollar deals for future installments. Get that money, kids.

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